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Peekamoose Books

Peekamoose is an imprint that floats above the publisher’s imprint on the title page of some of the books I

have developed. It indicates that I have helped build a book from the ground up. It is a symbol of the

collaborative nature of my work and the vitality of my creative partnerships.

The collaborative activity at the heart of Peekamoose was a much-needed antidote to the loneliness of my

own writing process. Many Peekamoose authors have been academics. When I formed Peekamoose, I knew,

having taught in colleges and universities, that there was a vast amount of academic thinking and writing that

wasn’t as widely appreciated and influential as it deserved to be. I wanted to help academics connect with

general readers.

Peekamoose has developed a number of spiritually based titles. I don’t really know why this has happened.

Peekamoose is a mountain in the southern Catskills. It abuts the Bushwhack Range.