Kenneth Wapner

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Ken Wapner is without question the best editor I know. A writer’s editor with a pitch perfect ear for the music and the story.

I wouldn’t work with anyone else. Do whatever you have to do to get him interested in your work. He’ll make it better.

                      -George Crane

I can’t imagine writing a book without him.

                      -Dan Kindlon, New York Times bestselling author

As a publisher and packager, I've had the good fortune of being bailed out by Kenneth Wapner on multiple book projects.

I’m fully confident in delegating all manner of creative and project management to him. He's brilliant, tremendously effective

editor, and, perhaps most importantly, he cares deeply about every book he works on.

As an author, KW was my lifeline. He gave me immeasurable help with all aspects of bringing War of the Whales to life.

I couldn’t have done it without him. I recommend him to anyone looking for trustworthy, inspiring guidance and unflagging


                      -Josh Horwitz, New York Times Bestseller and Winner of the

                        2015 PEN/E.O Wilson Literary Science Writing Award

...always remarkably persuasive, insightful, and even passionate. And he is dependable, a rare quality. In an era when

most of us need to prod others for attention, it was refreshing to know that Kenny would often be the one to place a call

or to write to me with helpful thoughts and encouragement. That kind of assistance is simply indispensable when working

on a complex book that interweaves multiple topics and reaches toward (in the case of The Shrine) cultural traditions

that are worlds apart in time and space.

                      -John Gendo Wolff, author of The Driftwood Shrine