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Bones of the Master

Kenneth Wapner

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Bones of the Master: A Journey into Secret Mongolia

In 1996, American poet George Crane accompanied Tsung Tsai, a Ch’an monk, on a dangerous and

quixotic journey back to Inner Mongolia, his native land, to help Tsung Tsai dig up the bones of his master

and cremate them with proper Buddhist ceremony in a cave high in the Ulishan Mountains (Bantam,


Wapner's roles:

• Proposal development and writing • Editing

From the Acknowledgments:

“I owe special thanks to my friend, Kenneth Wapner who made invaluable contributions to the manuscript.

Without him this book would not be what it is.”

“Ken Wapner is without question the best editor I know. A writer's editor with a pitch perfect ear for the

music and the story. I wouldn't work with anyone else. Do whatever you have to do to get him interested

in your work. He'll make it better.”

-George Crane

• Foreign sales in twelve territories.

• Film rights optioned.

• Named "Best Spiritual Book of the Year" by

“Crane's impressions of Chinese life are some of the richest and most vivid readers will encounter. His

words float like silk prayer flags at a Buddhist temple, enticing readers to explore their own spirituality.

This book is the best reflection on Ch'an Buddhism to appear in quite some time. Written on multiple

levels, it will appeal to readers looking for a good story, armchair travelers who want to understand more

about China and spiritual seekers with an interest in Buddhism.”

-Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“Crane chronicles their perilous and miraculous adventures, the beauty of Mongolia's wilderness of wind

and sand, and Tsung Tsai's transcendent determination with uncommon clarity, wit, vitality, and love.”

-Booklist, starred review


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