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Crew of One

Kenneth Wapner

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A Crew of One: Adventures of a Solo Marlin Fisherman

A memoir of Carlos Bentos’ solo pursuit of marlin—usually a quarry that demands a team to catch—

in various parts of the world and in fishing tournaments (Tarcher/Putnum, 2002).

Wapner's roles: Book Doctor, Editor

“Part autobiography, part Old Man and the Sea, Bentos’ memoir is written primarily for aficionados

of sport fishing, but landlubbers should glean some interesting tidbits. Among the details about boat

speeds and fishing-line strength and bait rigging, readers will find small, precise portraits of both the

author’s fellow fisherman and some of the places he has visited. Readers will also pick up some of

the ideology of sport fishing: the catch-and-release philosophy, the strategy of competition, the

lessons to be learned out there all alone on the big blue sea. A fine fishing story, yes, but also a

resonant autobiography capable of reeling in a wide variety of readers.”



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