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The Parrot Who Owns Me

Kenneth Wapner

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The Parrot Who Owns Me: The Story of a Relationship

The moving story of internationally renowned ornithologist Joanna Burger’s complex relationship with

her pet parrot, Tiko, which is also the story of the science of birds, and of parrots in particular (Villard,

2001; a Peekamoose Book).

Wapner's roles:

• Proposal development and writing • Management of the creation of the text • Editing

From the Acknowledgments:

“I’d especially like to thank Kenneth Wapner…for working creatively and enjoyably as my personal

editor, for making the connections, and for helping me bring Tiko’s story to a general readership.”

• Sold in multiple foreign territories.

“[A] brilliantly observed memoir . . . an unusually thoughtful book . . . Bottom line: A literary coo.”


“[Burger] sweeps readers into the fascinating world of avian biology, behavior, ecology and



“One of the warmest, funniest and weirdest memoirs of the year . . . This book is a must-have for bird-

lovers and a fun read for everyone else.”

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)


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