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Saving the Lost Tribe

Kenneth Wapner

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Saving the Lost Tribe: The Rescue and Redemption of the Ethiopian Jews

The dramatic first-hand account of Operation Solomon, Israeli ambassador Asher Naim’s successful

mission to rescue over 14,000 Ethiopian Jews who were being held captive the savage dictator

Mangistu Haile Mariam (Ballantine, 2003; a Peekamoose Book).

Wapner's roles:

• Proposal development and writing • Travel and research to Israel and Ethiopia

• Co-writing the text with the author

From the Acknowledgments:

“Most of all I would like to thank Peekamoose Productions and Kenneth Wapner, my very talented

collaborator, who skillfully assisted me in writing this book. He has been a tower of strength and

support. Through the collaboration we have become friends.”

• Sold in foreign territories

“[Saving the Lost Tribe] often reads like a tense thriller…This work succeeds both as an engrossing

account of a humanitarian mission and a portrayal of an ancient, vibrant culture still largely unknown

to most in the West.”


“Every man aspires to transform a dream into reality. Asher Naim shared the dream of the Ethiopian

Jews and made it come true, extracting over 14,000 Beta Israel from their medieval existence in the

midst of a civil war and delivering the community to Israel in a daring airlift. Saving the Lost Tribe is a

spellbinding account by the linchpin figure at the vortex of the dramatic developments in Ethiopia. It

is a tale told with compassion, insight, and oh so much love.”

–BOB HOUDEK  Chief of the American mission to Ethiopia, 1988-1991

“Only twice in history have Blacks been taken from the African continent–not for slavery or

exploitation–but for love and a better life. Both instances involved the Black Jews of Ethiopia who

were taken from the Horn of Africa to Israel. The first was Operation Moses in 1985. The second

and larger exodus was Operation Solomon in 1991 and involved the movement of over 14,000

souls. As head of the American negotiating team, I was privileged to work with Ambassador Naim in

bringing about Operation Solomon. But the most magnificent moment was being in Israel in the days

immediately after Operation Solomon when the whole country was electrified and joyous about

receiving their Black brethren. This enthralling book chronicles this important and very unique piece

of history and human compassion.”

–RUDY BOSCHWITZ (U.S. senator, 1978-1991)


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