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Tough Times, Strong Children

Kenneth Wapner

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Tough Times, Strong Children

In the wake of 9/11, bestselling author Dan Kindlon’s take on what it is that creates resiliency, self-

reliance, and ability to make personal sacrifices in children (Miramax, 2003).

Wapner’s roles:

• Proposal development and writing

• Collaboration on the text

From the Acknowledgments:

“Special thanks to my personal editor, Ken Wapner, for his good company and invaluable assistance

in all aspects of this enterprise.”

“Kindlon emphasizes that children, ultimately, are resilient, but that it’s crucial that parents help them

‘make the best out of bad situations.’ This practical and informative guide should assist them in doing

just that.”

--Publisher’s Weekly

“Kindlon, a child psychologist…offers this timely exploration of how to help children cope during times

of trauma.”



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