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The Wild Within

Kenneth Wapner

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The Wild Within: Adventures in Nature and Animal Teachings

The wilderness adventures and spiritual teaching of master tracker Paul Rezendes that challenges the

way we see nature—and ourselves (Tarcher/Putnam, 1999; a Peekamoose Book).

Wapner’s roles:

• Concept development • Proposal writing

• Co-writing and managing of the creation of the manuscript with the author

From the Acknowledgements:

“In particular, I’d like to thank, first and foremost, my collaborator, Kenneth Wapner, for his dedication,

hard work, and creative contributions to the text. I especially value the gift of his friendship and his

flexibility and perseverance through the challenges of our joint writing process.”

From the Foreword, by Bill McKibben:

“This is a truly remarkable book and therefore I’m in the odd position for a foreword writer of not wanting

to say too much about it in advance—I don’t want to draw for you the many conclusions that formed in my

own mind as I read it, for it should be a rich, and somewhat nerve-wracking, adventure for all who read it.

“…hauntingly beautiful... profound and unforgettable.”

--Publisher’s Weekly, starred review,

“Surprising and powerful…rich in spiritual insights as unfettered and full of grace as the animals he loves.”

--Booklist, starred review.


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